Texas Longhorn
 Texas Longhorn requested a package design update for their cold sauces, their original steak sauce, and their BBQ sauce retail lines. The objective was to create fun, eye-catching designs and texts to accent Texas Longhorn's brand colors for their popular grocery store and restaurant sauces. 
With the cold sauces, one part of the design process was to come up with fun ways to tell "without telling" the customer how to use the sauces. I created catch phrases such as, "burger topping," "kid friendly," "kinda hot," "chip approved," "makes everything good'r, "tacos, tacos, tacos," and "rib dip," etc. to encourage the customer to use the sauces in imaginative ways. 
For the BBQ sauces, the labels needed to stand out on the shelves, while at the same time maintaining the Texas Longhorn brand-style. This was a challenge as they were required to use the black, plastic bottles. We tried several iterations of brighter colored combinations and even though two of the final designs are a bit on the darker side, the client opted to go with the featured color combos in keeping to the Texas Longhorn branding. 
The Texas Original Steak Sauce needed a more sophisticated appearance so I created a classic, more elegant, design to be printed directly onto the dark, glass bottles in a metallic copper shade. 
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