This wedding program was designed and illustrated with reference to the wedding location in Mallorca, Spain.  The ceremony took place at the Son Marroig Museum House gardens in the small, mountain town of Deià with a backdrop of its iconic Carrara marble temple and the Mediterranean Sea. 
The temple and a setting sun became my inspiration and I incorporated the vivid orange color for the sun to also pay tribute to the vast orange groves that cover the island. It's worth mentioning that these oranges produce the most delicious orange juice I've ever tasted. It is a subtle, lightly-sweet flavor that I continue to dream about. It was merely a happy coincidence that I discovered this orange juice "fact" later during my stay on the island.​​​​​​​
I am including images of two other designs that I created for the cover as options for the wedding couple to choose from. The design on the far right was the first design I created. The design that was chosen was created second and the design with a fish addition was my third design. This is a perfect example that you never know which design the client will love and select. I very nearly did not include the design the client chose in the selection process. 
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