The concept for Texas Longhorn's little sister, Ribs 'n' Burgers by Texas Longhorn, was to feature the same tasty dishes and down-home goodness you'd find at Texas Longhorn restaurants but on a smaller scale and with a focus primarily on ribs & burgers. These restaurants can be found in smaller towns but still pack a big-city, Texas punch. 
The logo design and graphic profile needed to be unique but with a nod to Texas Longhorn, featuring the traditional, Longhorn logo, and maintaining the rugged, southern style Texas Longhorn is famous for. I created a fresh, bold, authentic look for Ribs 'n' Burgers by Texas Longhorn that conveys the same southern hospitality and friendly, relaxed atmosphere as her big sister, Texas Longhorn. 
Along with the logo and brand identity, I designed a set of assets to be used for window decals for the restaurant locations. I also created a pattern from these elements to be used in the kid's menu as well as in a promotional brochure also designed by me. 

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